Our Hare

Hare Uta, or countryside house, is a place that invites to experience living Rapa Nui in a privileged environment, next to the flora and fauna of this magical land,
historical and full of legends that you will live in every corner of the hotel. Hare Uta invites you to experience the most remote island on the planet feeling at home.


Contribute to the sustainable tourism development of Rapa Nui by serving our visitors as family and friends, making their experience as authentic as possible, offering an excellent service to exceed the expectations of our visitors.



To be recognized for our local, national and international prestige, through a quality management system based on mo'a, in such a way as to ensure respect, prosperity and well-being to our environment, community and work team, since Respect for the planet, social responsibility and direct dealings with the client is a priority for us.


Talking stones

You will feel the energy of the stones that our family has kept for hundreds of
years, transmitting our mana; spirit and energy that gives life to the hotel.


Unforgetable experience

Come experience the wind, listen to the stones and relax in a garden full of history.
Come enjoy the sound of sunrise, feel the company of flowers and fruits.
Come and smile while our chickens run free in their land.

In Hare Uta, we want you to live the energy of our hare, we want to share the
space of our ancestors so you can look through their eyes.


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